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Subject: The family sock BoyAll rights reserved. You may not sell or post to another site or copy
without the permission of the Author. You must be of legal age to read.
contains Male on Male unprotected sex which may lead to the loss of a cum
load. I am not a professional writer so there will be spelling mistakes
and grammar mistakes. If these do really distract you from the story stop
reading do not flame me please I already know you are wonderful. Support with a few dollars to keep this site up and cuming. Kevin Kelly
kevinmjo under Author's for my list. write
state your age in numbers for legal reasons. This story is a fantasy. I was 14 when this all came to a head so to speak. I had this
powerful attraction for guys feet and the sight and top lolita kds bbs
feel of them in white
sweat socks. I have no idea how this ever came about but I know I just
get so turned on by seeing a man taking off his white sweat socks and
then seeing his masculine strong bare foot too. I had managed to keep
this secret from people teen lolitas angels moels and not even confide it to my best Friends Skip.
Skip's Dad was a single parent like my Dad and a Police officer. I
would always love to do a sleep over at Ship's house because His muscular
Dad liked to walk around the house at night relaxing in just shorts and
his White socks. This drove me so crazy I would have to hit the john and
beat off a few times on a sleep over. skip's Dad was a handsome hunk of a
man and his uniform fit him like a glove so tapered and showing off his
flat stomach and powerful arms. This one day I was to be sleeping over
Skip and I had changed into shorts and were in the Kitchen when his Dad
came in late from work. he sat on the chair and was kicking off his
Police shoes then he asked Skip to get him a pair of white sweat socks
and some shorts. Skip rolled his eyes up in his head like he hated to do
it so I volunteered. I knew of course where the things were kept. I ran
up to His Dad socks in hand and by that time he had off his Police shirt
and was bare chested. I looked at those bare strong feet of his and just
said." Would you like me to put them on for you Mr. Johnson? He looked at
me kind of funny but then shrugged his no nude lolita nymphets shoulders saying sure. He held up
the one foot and I knelt down took it in my hand and of course had an
instant hard on. I held it then was guiding the fresh sock on his bare
foot. I repeated this with the other foot and then was giving him a
massage without his socks now on. I felt so great being able to touch
this studs foot like this and He was smiling at me a I was feeling it and
massaging it.
From the way he was smiling at me I think he must have known I was
really getting off on his feet. This turned me on all the more. Skip came
in with a cold beer and his Dad stood then to take off his Police pants.
Now in just his boxers and me on my knees still I could see his cock was
half hard and peeking out some from the fly. MY massage had really turned
him on. He just kept smiling as he was stepping into his shorts Then once
I was standing up he said to me. You know Kevin that massage was great on
my tired sore feet maybe later you can do that again for me? I told him I
would love to any time.
The next few hours the three of Us were in the family room watching
TV. Joe that's Skip's Dad in his shorts and white socks with me sneaking
a peek at them whenever I thought I could get away with it. His feet were
just so sexy in those tight white socks showing off his masculine high
arch and toes. I longed to be able to touch them again. I would give
anything to do what I was earlier that night with them. Skip had fallen
asleep on the floor watching TV and Joe said to me in a low voice. "Kevin
that massage you were giving me before felt so good" I looked at him and
said "Would you like me to do another one for you? Joe seemed to be
thinking I was looking down at those sexy male feet longing to get my
hands back on them. Then he smiled and said "Yea I would like that but
why don't we go into my bed room where there is more room? I was so
nervous walking behind this hunk into his bed room. Once there he sat on
the foot of the bed held up his one foot and I knelt down taking it in my
hand and began the foot massage. he was small tits loli girls moaning almost like he was having
sex. I at last pulled off his white sweat sock holding now teen lolitas nonnude models
his bare foot
in my hands and was going all over and in-between his masculine toes then
I leaned down and just licked at his high arch. The taste of his bare
skin on my tongue was perfect. he let out a moan and just said Yea Kevin
do that buddy do more of that for me" I was licking shamelessly now on
his ankle, the soles young russin lolie pics of his feet then each toe in turn was licked and
then I was sucking on his big bare toe as he moaned in pleasure. Nothing
was said I just looked up from sucking his toe to see Joe pulling down
his shorts and his big cop dick all hard and sticking up. he held it and
smiled at me then raised his eye brows as if to say "Do this too" I had
never sucked a cock before but I knew I was going to wanted to. I came up
between his hairy strong legs and took hold of his hard long thick dick
then I saw the drop of precum on it and licked it from the head of his
dick. Tasting my first man cum. Joe moaned more and I took the whole cock
head in my mouth then was moving up and down his massive thick bare cock
shaft. Holding his hairy balls loving his bare dick in my mouth. Joe was
fucking his dick into my mouth now and holding my head to him then He
just said "Take it" and the flood of his man cum was shooting down my
throat filling my mouth load after wonderful load of his cop cum flooding
into me. My first cum load was wonderful and I knew I would be wanting
more of it. I came off him licked his hairy balls and then down his legs
to his strong bare feet again. I shy lolita nude galerry was again sucking his toe when I looked
up and saw his cock was ready for more sucking had a fresh load of man
cum for me. Back up between his hairy legs again and taking his cock into
my mouth once more I sucked him a good 10 minutes and he was shooting
more of his thick cum into my mouth.
I slept in the bed naked with Joe all night and held his strong bare
feet. Kissing and licking them every so often. In the morning Joe was off
and he woke me up by putting that wonderful thick cock of his in my mouth
and face fucking me with it. Shooting more of his cop cum into me. later
that day he was able to send Skip to the store and keep me alone in the
house I gave him another foot bath and sucked off his cock again standing
in the kitchen. I hated to have to leave but my dad was coming home and I
was supposed to help my older Brother Jock make dinner. I was alone with
Joe and He said it was our secret and that He hoped I could stay over
again next week? I walked home with a smile on my face and pictures of
Joe's hot cock in my mind and what I had done to his bare feet too.
I got in and Jock had things undercontrol. he said he was going up
to change from his dirty clothes which he had been playing touch football
in. I followed him up the steps to our room. Jock was two years older
then me and a blonde hunk of a young man at 16. Tight hard well defined
body. In the room he sat on the bed and I sat on the chair looking at
him. He pulled off his sneaker and had on a pair of thick wool gray sweat
socks so dirty from the games. I said "Jock would you like me to give you
a foot massage? He looked up from his foot and had this strange look on
his face then he smiled and said "sure why not" he was holding up his
foot. I got down on my knees between his legs and took his foot in my
hand feeling it from the back up to the toes hard massaging it hard and
moving the thick wool socks over it. Jock was saying "Wow Kevin this
feels great buddy keep it up dude"I smiled to myself I knew I had him
hooked now and I eased off the dirty sweaty sock laying it on the floor
now massaging his bare masculine foot to his moans of pleasure. Jock and
nice strong manly feet on him and I was in love with the feel of it. I
stole a look up he was laying back now on the bed and I could see his
crotch was tented out just like Joe's had been. My foot massage was
getting jock all turned on. I was kind of afraid to take the next step
not knowing how Jock would take it? Another look at that bulge in his
pants eased my mind. I puled his bare foot up to my mouth and licked at
it the skin. jock sat up at once but didn't move his foot. He said as I
was licking all over now. " Kevin Wow man what is this? Oh wow Kevin I
don't know what made you do this but fuck boy keep doing it. I like this
buddy yea do my foot" Then I took his big toe into my mouth and was
sucking it like I had Joe's big dick tasting his skin his sweat. Jock was
laying down again and now holding naked little lolas girls the bulge in his pants feeling his hard
dick as I sucked on his toe.
At last I got up the nerve I said "Jock would you want me to do the
same thing to that thing of Yours? He lifted his head up and smiled down
at me then said. " Yea sure if you want to Kevin but we can't let people
know we did this OK? To my delight he was pulling down his fly and then
his pants and underwear. his bare cock in view now about 7 inches of nice
uncut meat. I was pulling his pants over his feet then up between his
legs and had his big nice hard dick in my mouth. Holding his balls I
sucked his man meat and was running my tongue all over his cock head rim
holding his skin back. Then licking my Brothers nice big hairy bare
balls. I got my mouth back on his cock just in time he was shooting his
young load of man cum down my throat and moaning so loud as his cum was
flooding into preteen lolita nu archives my mouth.
I was surprised be his reaction He pulled me to him and hugged me hard
saying thanks for doing that over and over and asking me to do it again
that night in bed.
As he changed into other clothes I was feeling and holding his cock
again. I loved it the way it curved to the left and the uncut skin on it.
& inches is just right I thought small tits loli girls for fucking?
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